Job Interview Mistakes That Keep You From Getting Hired


If you've been landing the job interview for almost any job you're making an application, chances are you have an amazing resume, and the skills and qualifications any prospective employer wants. However, the reason you're still in unemployment may be related to the fact that somewhere during the job interview you're making a mistake. Therefore, here are a few mistakes that you should steer clear of during a job interview.
Showing disinterest.
Yawning, rolling eyes, and in general, putting on a mask that gives you the "I've gotta get the hell out of here" look, is a serious mistake that many job seekers make, during the phase of the job interview. Any prospective employer would want you to be 100 percent interested in that company, and in the position they're offering. 
As opposed to this, being overconfident and even cocky may also be a turn off for your prospective employer. Even if you have extraordinary achievements, exhibiting overconfidence may lead the job recruiter think that you see yourself as too good for the job on the table, that you will leave that job in short time, or as soon as another opportunity will show up. 
Speaking badly of your former employer. 
One of the common job interview questions is always regarding your former employer(s). This is a job interview question you should be prepared for. One of the reasons prospective employers ask this question, is that none of them wants anyone to give them or their company a bad name. Therefore, be careful what you say about your former employer. Don't throw dirt at them but don't praise them too much either. And under any circumstance don't say that you left your previous job because of differences of opinion with your boss.
Not asking questions.
Not asking your own questions during a job interview may lead the interviewer to think you're not interested enough of the job they're offering. Therefore, you should have at least one or two questions prepared. They might even throw the ball at you, asking you if you have any questions. However, make sure that the questions you ask ar on the spot. Click here to learn more about which are the best Questions to Ask During a Job Interview.
Hitting on the interviewer.
No matter how attractive you are, you will always be out of line when hitting on your interviewer. One of the first thoughts that will pass through their mind when you do this, is that you're planning to sleep your way to the top, and don't really have what it takes for that particular job. Hitting on the interviewer also has low chances of getting you a date as well, so there's absolutely no reason for you to do that.